About Dr. Will


William F. Mayer, Psy.D. is a clinical psychologist who specializes  in child, adolescent, and family therapy as well as sports psychology.   Known in the community as Dr. Will, his true passion is working with  children and their families to provide the best atmosphere for children  to prosper. His work with children involves child-centered play therapy,  interactive child therapy, family therapy, social skill building and  parent consultations. Dr. Will's specialty in sports psychology involves  working with individuals, coaches and teams, to maximize the full  potential of all athletes. 

Dr. Will's knowledge and experience in the field of psychology has  also been brought to the classroom where he acts as the founding  director of the Master of Science in Applied Psychology Program at  Sacred Heart University and teaches both graduate and undergraduate  courses. 

Receiving both his Master's and Doctorate Degree at the California  School of Professional Psychology – San Diego, Dr. Will and his wife  moved back to Connecticut to raise their family. He continues to be  active in the Fairfield County community where he can be heard  presenting to different organizations. Beyond the classroom, he stays  involved with the Sacred Heart community and assists SHU athletes and  teams when possible. Dr. Will is an avid jogger, running a variety of  local races and numerous marathons.  He can be found coaching youth  sports as his children grow through the ranks.  Most important, is that  Dr. Will identifies as Dad first.


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411 Pequot Avenue, Southport, CT 06890