Frequently Asked Questions

 Q. How do I make an appointment?
A. The best way to make an appointment is by calling (203) 939-1535 or e-mailing ( to set up a time for a phone consultation.

Q. What appointment times do you have?
    A. For school age individuals, Dr. Will typically sees clients  between 3 pm – 8pm Monday-Thursday. There are some opportunities to have  appointments before 3pm depending on the day. Sports psychology  consultations are variable. Appointment hours during summer are more  flexible. 

Q. How long is each session?
    A. A typical session last 45-50 minutes. The initial session is likely to take the entire hour. 

Q. How often do I come?
    A. Typically, therapy begins with weekly sessions. Depending on the case, sessions may move to every other week. 

Q. How long does therapy usually last?
    A. There is no clear answer to this question. The length of therapy depends on the case. 

Q. What if I need to return to therapy?
    A. When therapy ends, particularly with a child, Dr. Will does not  say good bye, but rather states that therapy is taking a break. This  allows a client to know that they may return to therapy whenever it is  necessary. 

Q. What if I am nervous about my privacy?
    A. Dr. Will adheres to the standard ethical practice of  confidentiality and HIPPA regulations very seriously. Information  regarding the treatment of clients will remain confidential unless there  is a signed release to discuss specific information. There are some  limits to confidentiality that refer to keeping clients safe. Dr. Will  includes the limits of confidentiality in his initial paperwork and can  answer any questions during the initial phone contact or initial  session. 

Q. What if I want to reach you after hours?
    A. You may leave a telephone message with or send an e-mail to Dr.  Will. He will do his best to contact you as soon as possible. 

Q. What if it is an emergency?
    A. Dr. Will does not participate with an emergency call service.   His experience in working with the clientele that he does, that true  emergencies are quite rare.  In most cases, Dr. Will responding the  following day usually suffices.  At the same time, a true emergency may  require a call to 911 or a visit to the emergency room. 

Q. Can you prescribe medications?
    A. No. The prescription of psychotropic medications is typically  reserved for a psychiatrist or another Medical Doctor. Dr. Will is a  psychologist which means that he is a Doctor of Psychology and has been  trained to assist clients in a variety of ways that do not include  medication. If medication or any other treatment that is out of Dr.  Will’s expertise is required, he will be happy to assist in a referral. 

Q. Do you accept health insurance?
    A. Dr. Will does not participate with any insurance company. Dr.  Will wants to provide the best for his clients and finds working with  insurance companies to be intrusive to privacy and restricted in  treatment guidelines. However, in cases in which clients would like to  pursue “out of network” reimbursement from their insurance company, Dr.  Will provides a statement that can be submitted. 

Q, What are your rates?

     A. Dr. Will attempts to keep his rates comparable to the area.  Please contact him for current rates.


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